CFSC Franco-FANATIQUE Enrollments Are Now Closed! But you can still get in...

Special Offer. Get a 1€, 7-Day Trial To Our Franco-PHONE level membership!

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Say "au revoir" to the frustration and despair of the intermediate plateau and speak French with confidence with the best community on the Internet.

You’ve never seen French covered this way, but it’s exactly what you need!

La question :

How do you bring back the fun of regular wins, smash through the exhausting intermediate plateau, and feel like a fully grown person in French?

La solution :

Join forces with others learning French at your level, led by someone who’s been in your shoes!

Are you somewhere in the intermediate stage?

Use the following broad indicators to self-evaluate whether or not you’re at the right stage for the community!

If you’re still not sure afterwards, then apply anyway (it’s free) and I’ll be able to tell you on a call together.

Do you feel like your French progress has stalled?

Welcome to the challenge of getting really good at French…

Here’s the secret: all intermediate French speakers feel their progress slowing down.

The words you need aren’t in the textbooks…​

You feel frustrated, inadequate, and guilty for not working harder.

But I know you can do this. Because I’ve done it. And I’ve shown plenty of my students how to do it, too.

And I’m going to introduce you to an incredible community who will help you smash through those limiting beliefs.
Tu veux progresser, non ? Alors…

My biggest secret to improving your French:
seeking perfection is not the answer

The truth about le plateau intermédiaire is that only real-life practice, alongside a practical, pragmatic and goal-oriented study approach, will get your progress back on track.

You need new tricks, new tools, and new speaking partners…

While you're waiting for the Franco-FAnATIQUE doors to re-open, don't make your confidence wait...

The Confident French Speaker Community
Franco-PHONE Level

Being in the CFSC as a Franco-PHONE is a monthly membership that includes:

3 step-by-step modules:

Module 1: Mindset Mastery.... (worth 300€)

The key aspect that so many people overlook and then pay the price for later so we start here. By making sure you have a bulletproof mindset from the beginning you’ll save so much time in the long run. Because yes French is a marathon but it doesn’t have to be an ultra marathon.

Also, by developing the right mindset for challenging times the techniques in the later modules become 10x more effective, so we’ll start by addressing the exact issues you’re facing right now. And, if your mindset is already pretty good, this will reinforce it.

Module 2: Speak with Confidence.... (worth 300€)

At your stage RIGHT NOW, confidence comes much more from the 20% of French you use and the French situations that you are in 80% of the time than it does from those text books or grammar courses.

You don’t need to put more grammar and vocab into your head. You need to fix the mistakes and master what you already have so you can generate confidence in conversations. In this module we get very pragmatic and address the most common conversational difficulties.

Module 3: Rock that Routine.... (worth 300€)

Whether you work a busy 9-5, run your own business, or are retired, you will build a French routine that breeds success and removes the guesswork for you. We’ll build you the skills to allow you to develop a rock solid routine that suits your way of learning and lifestyle so you can see results week in week out.

Whether you’re a stickler for daily routine or prefer to be more flexible, it’s the ability to build consistency in your actions that is absolutely key to long term success in French.

Module 4: Continuous Comprehension (Value: 300€)

Finally understand natives in TV shows and real life through immersion!

This module is in development… Listening comprehension is a focus of live workshops and the Discord community and will soon have its own permanent module.


The power of community for your French (110€ pcm)

You no longer have to go it alone. Enjoy the invaluable benefit of sharing the journey with others in your shoes.

Just some of the plus points cited by our members:

Great to connect with others on the same journey, accountability for staying motivated, daily activities for your French, student-led speaking activities, and much more.

*110€ value based on attending minimum 2 events per week.


LIVE Regular mystery events.... (Value: 1200+ per year)

Listening comprehension for fast spoken French, pronunciation training, grammar, and guest experts are just a few of the exciting events that we have planned for 2024 to give you the absolute maximum value as part of the CFSC.

Total value: 1210€

Membership renews at 47€ per month at the end of the 7-day trial. Cancel any time. No hidden fees or charges.

Ça fonctionne ! But don't just take my word for it:


The CFSC is led by a native English speaker who took his own French to the next level (just like you will…)

Qui est Alex ?

I’m a French language coach, YouTube video creator and native-English speaker with a passion for helping intermediate French-learners up their game.

I learned to speak fluent French as an adult (i.e. I’ve been where you are!)

Pourquoi créer la CFSC ?

I know first-hand what it’s like to feel like your French progress is slowing down in the intermediate stage…

New level, new devil, as the saying goes.

Or, to put it another way, your style of learning, as well as how you track and notice your own progress, has to change if you want to stay motivated. And to keep learning, motivation is key!

I wanted to offer my 3-pillared  approach to getting through the intermediate plateau to a dedicated group of French learners, in a new kind of setting.

I’ve learned through teaching hundreds of driven students that nothing beats time with other committed French learners to turbo-charge your progress.

Frankly, I wish I had this when I was at your stage!

CFSC membership brings you…

A proven framework for turning frustration and fear into confidence

Community support from other learners at your level

Regular conversation opportunities in groups and one-to-one

Accountability from having a schedule to adhere to

📙 The lessons will help you improve:

  • Your speaking skills so you can hop from topic to topic without fear or embarrassment, using a few key phrases and a fresh attitude to learning. (You can join in, even when you don’t have the vocabulary you think you need)
  • Your study success so you’re making the most of the time you put in to learning and improving your French, and tracking your intermediate progress (hint: it looks very different to beginner progress and requires a completely different approach)
  • Your attitudevia the mental hacks every linguist needs to know to keep making progress.
    I explain how to fine-tune your approach for maximum results, because confidence and self-belief is the key to seeing progress at the intermediate stage.

🔑 The community will be where:

  • You’ll connect with highly-driven intermediate French learners of different ages and from different countries who share your challenges. Available 24/7.
  • You’ll reinforce what you learn by sharing your reflections, wins, experiences, and test your language skills in written and spoken form.
  • You’ll be able to ask Alex and native teacher Joania questions and take part in exercises designed to keep everyone speaking and progressing.
  • You’ll get confidence boosts whenever you share something positive or negative, because our members are amazing!

En bref. In short.

Sign as a Franco-PHONE member, while you wait for the full Franco-FANATIQUE experience to return, and get:


🗣 Speak better / Mieux parler

Practical, pragmatic tips for improving your spoken French.

📚 Study better / Mieux apprendre

🤩 Gain self-belief / Gagner confiance en toi


So, ready to join us?

There’s no time like the present to get out of the darkness and onto a path to a brighter French future. It’s only 1€ for your first week!

Here’s everything you’ll get for the price of Fresh baguette 🥖…

Instant and lifetime access to a live 2 hour class on Tuesday where I teach you 3 fundamental skills for breaking through your intermediate plateau.

A 12-week, step-by-step journey for French learners whose native language is English, and whose French speaking progress has been stagnating for some time. Go at your own pace to make it work for you.

Whether you have questions, need new ways to push yourself in French, or just want to connect with others on a similar path to you, this is where I and the other Franco-PHONES hang out every day.

Community members regularly meet via video throughout the week to work on all aspects of their spoken French in a lighthearted environment. You can also organise as many meetings as you like.

Periodically there will be live events, classes, guest speakers for learners to boost their skills in a variety of areas.

CFSC members get access to all my upcoming YouTube videos before they go live to the public.

Total value: 1230€

1st week + masterclass access only 1€

1st week only 1€

The membership renews at 47€ per month following the trial. Cancel any time. No hidden fees or charges. You’ll keep access to the Masterclass.

There’s no catch. I just want you to give the CFSC a try!

Kate L

"I started watching French in Plain Sight videos last year to enhance my learning and then became a member of the Confident French Speaker Community in May 2023. I've noticed much improvement in my listening comprehension and I have greater confidence when speaking. Alex has a wonderful teaching style and it's been so helpful to learn from a native English speaker who can relate to the struggle!"