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I really like that the guide gives me a format and a purpose. When I get lost in the conversation I go back to what words I wanted to practice.
April Rather
A2 - Upper Beginner Level
I really liked the guidance to structure and prepare conversations on certain topics. Definitely will continue using this method.
Deannah Neal
B1 - Intermediate

C'est toi ? Is this you?

Le Guide

When you have a good base of knowledge of the French language, you tend to feel like you have more access to it and should be able to speak about a wide range of topics. No more simple self-introductions and weather small-talk, right? It’s time to REALLY speak! I get it, I’ve felt that myself.

The problem is that at this point we are so desperate to get out of the learning environment and into REAL conversations that we often remove structure altogether.

My guide bridges the gap: it gives you stimulating conversations on whatever topics you choose, whilst also keeping you within certain carefully configured parameters so that you can speak naturally but consistently make progress.

Don’t walk into a potential confidence catastrophe. Slow down, remember it’s ok that you’re learning, and add the structure from my guide.

Follow the simple steps in the guide, implement them, and eventually shape them to your will, and you’ll be a fluent speaker in no time.

Who's it for?

The intermediate French learner who wants to see consistent speaking progress or the advanced learner who wants more stability and reliable progress.

Why does it work?

It encourages you to see speaking practice as a planned exercise in order to deliberately target specific areas of your spoken French that you want to improve.

Its 4 techniques are simple to follow. They open your mind to the importance of taking an intentional and pragmatic approach to your speaking by setting specific objectives for every opportunity.

Behind them is my belief in the effectiveness of basic mindfulness practices – acknowledging that the more self-aware you become regarding your relationship with the challenge of learning French, the more equipped you’ll be to face the obstacles you come up against.

Structuring my conversations helped me stay in a positive mindset and from B1 (intermediate) to C1 (advanced) level much faster than I would have without it. J’en suis sûr ! My coaching students all get a copy and they have helped me improve it to the current edition!

What's included?

Please note: This product is 100% digital. Nothing will be physically posted to you. You will receive a link to download your purchase immediately after completion of payment.

This guide has greatly improved my spoken French and the way I go about conversations!
Lewis White
B1 - Intermediate Level