The masterclass is happening on Friday 2nd June at 5 pm CET (4 pm GMT, 11 am EST, 10 am CST, 8 am PST).

A VIP spot costs 45€.

PART ONE: The Masterclass

This event will give you the opportunity to learn how to have authentic, unassisted conversations with French natives and feel empowered, calm, and independent as you do it.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the French Confidence Masterclass:

  • You’ll find out how to navigate any conversation with a native – even if you don’t have all the vocabulary or grammar.
  • You’ll uncover a powerful way to feel empowered and resilient on this marathon they call French – and you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!
  • You’ll find out what all the top polyglots (people who speak multiple languages) do when they want to speak a new foreign language with confidence – and how you can follow in their footsteps.
  • Plus much, much more – in just 90 minutes you’ll get a crash course in being an accomplished foreign French speaker. You’ll even get an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to get on the road to being an independent francophone without the need for English.

PART TWO: The VIP laser coaching session

In the second part, held on Monday 5th June at 4.30 pm France time (changed the day due to unforeseen circumstances).

as part of the VIP experience you’ll get:

🚀 Access to a separate, post-Masterclass session with a small group of other VIPs so that you can be surrounded by other learners as committed as you. 

It may feel lonely to learn French by yourself but there are truly thousands of people in the same boat as you.

By joining a small group of them, and myself, you’ll be inspired and motivated like never before so that you can get out of your own way and kickstart progress once more.

🚀 You have the chance to receive personal feedback and guidance from me on the solo and group work you’ll do as part of the Masterclass so that you can truly accelerate the journey to authentic, comfortable conversations in French.

In the Masterclass, due to the size of the group and the nature of the event, I won’t be able to give personal feedback and so that’s what VIP is for.

🚀 It’ll generate the belief that you can do it, because you may be feeling like you’re not made to be a French speaker. C’est pas vrai !

🚀 As a VIP you’ll have lifetime access to the Masterclass and VIP coaching session replays so that you can keep coming back to them  with fresh eyes as you evolve as a French speaker.

French isn’t something you learn once and it sticks, and it’s the same for this masterclass. Watch them as many time as you need to truly master these skills.

The feedback you get could accelerate your progress 2x, 4x, maybe even 10 times faster, because I’ll be able to use my expert eye to go through your answers with a fine tooth comb – saving you who knows how many hours of guess work and trial and error.

You’re essentially taking a huge shortcut. because this is NOT stuff any native French teacher will cover so you’re potentially saving hundreds of Euros by signing up for €45. It’s a complete steal. 

😌 A money-back guarantee so that you can sign up with complete peace of mind and focus on your French the whole time safe in the knowledge that if you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you your money back.

Where are the sessions held?

By signing up here as VIP you’ll receive TWO Zoom links:

  • One to the Masterclass that will run for 90 minutes.
  • One to the VIP laser group coaching session which will be held on Monday 5th June at 4.30 pm France time (changed the day due to unforeseen circumstances) and run for approximately 60 minutes.