French Coaching really is an accelerated course and sessions in which you as the student, address your own inner demons and with a phenomenal person/coach holding your hand every step of the way.
Megan Martinaux


Alors, my coaching is a great fit!


You put your name down

I work with a maximum of 3 private students at any one time, so, often you will need to send me your details so I can contact you when a spot becomes available.

You book a free discovery call

When a space opens up I will contact you via email with a link to my calendar to book a 30 minute Zoom call with me during which we will discuss your current goals and obstacles (in English), speak un petit peu de français, and generally see if we are a good fit for each other.

Proposal incoming!

Based on our initial conversation I will send you a written proposal within 24-48 hours setting out how I see your current situation and your most important goals for French.

I detail:

  • How I see your current situation.
  • What I understand your goals to be.
  • How I think I can help you achieve yours goals and banish your demons.
  • How often I suggest working together and whether or not I recommend a native tutor on top of coaching.
  • One or two quotes based on my proposal.

Green light!

Once you're happy with the proposal, we agree on a start date and... c'est parti !

I had a flood in my apartment in Paris. I was very nervous about ringing somebody. I'd always been nervous about things like that. And I remember I had a plumber come over a year ago or something. I couldn't speak anything to them. I was so scared.

This time I was able to explain everything to him in my French, and it was fine. I had no problem with speaking to the plumber. He fixed everything, and I felt really confident about it afterwards.

So if you want to study and learn French, please go to him. You won't regret it.
Alex Briger


"Progrès, pas perfection"

I have had to learn to deal with my own perfectionism in order to put communication first.
French can be the most enjoyable journey when we learn to embrace and celebrate even the smallest victories. If it matters to you, it matters to me!
I believe in regular goal-setting so you can always see what you're aiming for and get results fast.


Although everyone's path is unique I have been in a similar pair of shoes to you as an English speaker learning the French language. It brings with it any number of emotional and social challenges. We explore the feelings that arise from these challenges through discussion and introspection.


As your coach, my job is not to simply tell you what to do in order to reach your goals. It is to listen to you and use my experience and knowledge to guide you to make the best decisions for your French. I give you the tools to become the best independent French learners you can be.


As you progress and master parts of the language and you get more comfortable, new challenges arise. I am here to help make sure you are working with the right mix of resources and activities for your French at each stage.


The only level I rule out working with completely is absolute beginner.

In order for my coaching to be the most effective you need to already have a foundation in the language and have come up against one or a series of obstacles which are usually encountered in the intermediate stage. Some call them intermediate plateaus.

If you feel one or more of the following then my coaching may well be for you:

  • You are no longer making any progress despite a lot of effort.
  • You don’t know how to best spend your time and energy in order to move forward;
  • You have a fear of speaking and making mistakes.
  • You rely too much on a French partner or friend in French-speaking environments.
  • You live in France and need coaching that is suited to the challenge you face on a daily basis that don’t apply to non-expats.
  • You feel alone in your French-learning journey.
  • People unwilling to get outside their comfort zone and try new things (we will find the right balance and intensity for you).
  • People who want huge results in a short time. French is a marathon not a sprint.
  • People looking for someone to primarily teach them the language. We cover technical aspects of the language but most improvement is seen through conversation practice and your own ability to stick to a routine.

Although during our sessions I am always happy to make time to talk about the grammar, pronunciation, offer corrections etc, the primary goal of coaching with me is to help you create healthy sustainable habits for both speaking and studying the language.

That said, I have a growing library of pre-made language lessons for intermediate learners that you get access to as one of my students.

Sometimes I assign a native French tutor and you work with both of us in the absolutely most efficient way to grow your French skills!

As my 1:1 student, you get free access to my private community – the Confident French Speaker Community – which is normally only on sale at certain dates in the year.

Exclusive video lessons, group conversation classes, and opportunities to exchange and meet your fellow learners are among the perks!

My coaching hours are 2 – 6.30 pm (France time) Monday to Friday.

My current rate is 80€ an hour for live classes, between-class support, access to my library of resources, and custom-made resources just for you.

Typically, we agree on an 8-week initial package of 2 hours of classes per week in order to see significant progress, which gives a final investment of 1280€ + 20% VAT = 1536€.

After the initial package we assess what the best next steps will be for you. Some students renew in the same format, some change the format, and some are ready to move on.