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I know you’ve studied French for a while now (perhaps a long while!) and you even live in a country where it’s the native language for goodness sake.

So why on earth do you feel so stressed when you speak with another human being?

Why does a wave of panic wash over you when the phone rings?

Who is this person you see in the mirror? Why can’t you just be yourself?

Why haven’t all your efforts made a difference?

You probably retreat into your English bubble rather than keep putting yourself out there, and then feel guilty afterwards for not having made more of an effort.

That feeling of guilt should be used as a motivator to get back on the cheval 🐴, but it’s also very easy to let it wear you down and fall out of love with French. That’s not good either.

Maybe you periodically take classes with native teachers in the hope that this time you’ll come out of it feeling good speaking French. You learn more grammar, feel better, but overall, you’re left disappointed when it comes to conversations in the real world. Pourquoi?

Well, to put it simply, c’est parce que you haven’t found the system that is made to tackle these challenges.

Until now.

Learning to speaking French well is 80% to do with confidence and mindset. So why isn’t this more mainstream?

Well, because grammar and vocab are easier to test and therefore easier to make courses for.

But you live here, the language is all around you. You don’t need more grammar.

From one expat to another, I think I finally have the course for you.

In FYFC you will...

Here's what we cover in the 8 weeks

Each week, you’re introduced to a new theme. Along with fellow expats we get our heads into French mode for 60 days and give the language our full attention.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s involved.


Set an overal goal for the course

No two people are the same. You will set a very personal goal for your spoken French for the next 8 weeks and everything you do will be informed by that goal so as to make the absolute most of your precious time.


Overcome what's holding you back

Learn how to identify which actions are preventing you from making the most out of your time with French so you can turn them on their head and make progress much more quickly. Start to develop a strong mindset.


Get more out of your conversations

With the right approach and attitude ahead of time, you'll start to recognise more of what's good about your French. Start challenging yourself to apply a new strategy for your interactions en français.


Essential phrases

So much of what we learn isn't something we can put into use right away, and therefore we lose it. In this module, learn the fundamental phrases you need for your life and gain confidence by actually SPEAKING them.


Simplify your French - Nouns

Stuck on a word you know in English but not its French counterpart? As an adult learner living in a French-speaking country, this happens all the time. Learn how to navigate these uncomfortable moments and get your point across.


Consolidation week

You're building sustainable habits during these 8 weeks. It's therefore appropriate and pragmatic to take a break from new skills in order to give you a chance to reinforce the ones you've been learning in the 4 weeks up to this point.


Simplify your French - Verbs and expressions

Build on week 4's approach to communication by upping the ante and applying it to actions and colloquial expressions that we often don't even realise we're using in English.


Goal-set for success

Learn how to measure your progress whenever you put your mind to it. Great when you don't have a course to set the milestones for you! Tu as le pouvoir !


Get prepared for life after the course

Take stock of how far you've come, analyse without judgment what works and what doesn't for you, and look forward to a more productive, more peaceful continuation of your French journey, fully equipped for what comes your way.

Plus a wealth of super-relevant bonuses


She changed her life. Toi, tu le peux aussi.

[Before the program] I kept taking classes and used my husband as a crutch and would rely on him at the first instance a conversation didn't go as planned.

Now if I get stuck in interactions, I am able to use tools provided over the course to handle it alone.

C'était une expérience géniale. Je recommande fortement !

Jessica J, American living in Luxembourg

Zoë did a job interview in French and got the job!

Je me présente Ton coach : Alex Barron

Photo of Alex smiling at a café with a French flag pin on his shirt.

Bonjour, je m’appelle Alex. I’m English but I live in Montpellier in the sunny south of France.

I made France my home in 2016 in order fulfill a personal ambition: to speak French fluently.

You and I as English-speakers in the francophone world face a unique set of challenges compared to French learners elsewhere.

You see, it takes a lot of guts to do what you and I are doing: learning French in the pressure-cooker environment of a francophone country. I don’t think that gets appreciated enough in the French-learning community.

Conquering this language is more than just learning thousands of words off by heart.

It’s about having the courage to make mistakes again and again.

It’s about being consistent and persevering.

It’s about having the right mindset that will keep you progressing when you have “one of those bad French days”.

It can be draining and frustrating but also fantastic and fulfilling.

I’m here to teach you and guide you to see more of the latter, less of former, so you can speak French with confidence and keep your sanity while you’re at it!

I absolutely love working closely together with one team of motivated French learners and I can’t wait to meet you.


Le débrouillard

The Self-Starter
  • Weekly lessons to complete in your own time.
  • Quizzes and homework to reinforce knowledge.
  • Speaking challenges for your everyday life.
  • 24/7 access to private Telegram group.
  • 9 months' access to all material after the course.

La pièce de résistance

The Complete Experience
  • Everything in Le Débrouillard plus:
  • A dedicated native tutor 1 hour a week.
  • Weekly speaking practice with Alex and the group.
  • Group coaching calls every 2 weeks.
  • A 1:1 strategy call with Alex.

Flexible payment!

Packages can be paid for in 1 go or in installments. Ask me during the application phase about your options.

Satisfait·e ou remboursé·e7-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

I’m confident that Find Your French Confidence will meet your needs and bring you the results you want.

However, if after the first 7 days of the course starting you don’t think this approach is the one for you and you show that you have completed the exercises up to that point, you will get a full refund*.

*Minus any transaction fees.

After initial hesitationsMatt found great value for money.

FYFC is parfait for you if...

Par contre, you may want something else if...


No two people are the same. At the start, with my help, you will set your own goal for the 8 weeks, and every action you take throughout the course will be inspired by that goal. Whatever the goal, if you commit to the material, you will:
  • be more confident in your spoken French.
  • be more independent and able to improve whenever you set your mind to it.
  • be less concerned about mistakes.
  • have new habits for life.

The course will be back in February 2022.

Yes, absolutely. You will have the option to pay in 1, 2, or 4 installments.

The course follows a do-it-yourself style as you integrate the skills you learn into your weekly life.

  • For the video lessons (all packages), which mark the start of a new week, you are free to watch them in your own time. They are released on Saturday each week.

For those who sign up to the La Pièce de Résistance package (The Complete Experience) there are specific timings attached to certain aspects of the program:

  • For the Zoom calls with myself and group we will agree together before the start of the program a timeslot that suits the majority.
  • For the classes with your tutor you will be contacted by them before the start of the 8 weeks to organise your first lessons. After that you are free to plan them between the two of you and depending on both your schedules the times may change from week to week.
Short answer: 3-4 hours. More detailed answer: Some commitments are fixed each week. They don’t change and so are easy to measure. Other time spent depends on your willingness to get outside your comfort zone (everyone’s is different) and practise your new skills. I’ll give a rough idea of time commitments per package.

For the Le Débrouillard (Self-starter) package

  • Around an hour per week watching the latest lesson(s) and completing the exercises.
  • Around 10 minutes journaling per day.
  • 30 seconds to as-much-as-time-as-you-need to practise a skill and/or complete a challenge:
    • Could be saying a simple phrase instead of reverting to English. Nice and quick but takes effort since it’s not natural for you.
    • Could be spending an hour in a casual meeting with a colleague with whom you usually speak English because that’s your routine.
    • Many many many different possibilities. The course is a framework that you apply to your life and level.
  • 1 hour minimum with a tutor or language partner (that you find separately) is recommended.

For the La Pièce de Résistance (Complete experience) package

Same as Le Débrouillard but also includes regularly scheduled meetings:
  • 1 hour per week speaking French with myself and the group (at a time that suits the majority).
  • 1 hour every 2 weeks for the group coaching calls in English (at a time that suits the majority).
  • 30 minutes twice during the course (that you book at your convenience).
Rough total: 3-4 hours per week. All French, be it thinking time, writing time, speaking, listening or reading time counts. With your new mindset you will often be making progress outside of the homework because much of our success with French comes from the habits we build, both in terms of thinking productively and working in a smart way.

It’s an intensive course. New lessons are released each week that you are free to watch according to your schedule although you are expected to have completed them within a day or so of release.

So you need to be able to commit to your French for 8 weeks.

It might sound like a lot but when you do that, you’ll transform your relationship with French and get results very quickly.

Le temps passe vite !

If you can imperfectly introduce yourself, talk about your family, use a bit of past and future tense, then that’s a great start.

You likely have learned more French than you can use.

If you get a score between A2 and B2 on this free test then you have the grammar level required.

If you still need more guidance please email me at alex@frenchinplainsight.com.

I’m currently working on adapting the material for people living anywhere in the world. Click here to get notified of when it’s ready.

Yes! I can put together a custom package for you that doesn’t include the 1:1 tutor but does include all the group activities.

Alternatively, you might want to keep your tutor and take on a new one from my team. It all depends on your preferences.

I didn’t answer your question? Email me at alex@frenchinplainsight.com and I’ll get back to you.

At last, a course that actually understands why your French isn’t getting better, shows you how to speak to people, and make progress whenever you open your mouth. One step at a time.