How to fill in PDFs on a computer or mobile device

How to do it

So, you’ve got your hands on a French in Plain Sight exercise book, worksheet, or course, and it’s in PDF format. Bonne dĂ©cision !

It will be a PDF file that you can fill out either on your computer or mobile device, or print off and fill in by hand.

Sometimes, your device will open the PDF in the default program/app and when you click/tap on the fillable part, nothing will happen.

Pas de stress. There’s nothing wrong with the file.

When this happens, it just means you need to open it in a different program/app that supports fillable PDFs.

If you wish to fill out the PDF directly, then here is a list of free apps that I have found to work.

*PDFExpert will try hard to get you to get a paid account. But you don’t need to.

All these apps should allow you to save your changes.

VoilĂ  ! Enjoy your PDFs.