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Object Pronouns

Dive deep into what we call les compléments d’objet in French and objects in English, and the pronouns we use to avoid unnecessary repetition. By learning the fundamental and straightforward logic behind them, you’ll be able to choose between le and lui, en and y, toi and te, with confidence.

Relative Pronouns

If you want to make sentences that flow, one way to do that is with relative pronouns. These are pronouns that allow to relate one clause to another, but the pronoun you pick depends on the verb and its object. Le chat que j’aime, takes que whereas le film dont je parle takes dont. In …

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The Past

Learn how and when to use the various past tenses of everyday French, as well as handy expressions for expressing recency in natural ways. Includes: le passé composé, l’imparfait, le plus-que-parfait, and more.

The Subjunctive

Did you know le subjonctif was a mode and not a tense? That’s just the first thing you’ll learn inside this course introducing you to and diving deep into one of the trickiest parts of French. I don’t recommend you attempt it until you are comfortable with the grammar around the regular present, past, and …

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Study with Confidence (v1)

Practical tips for structuring your study for French so that you become more consistent week on week. Combine with the apps, tools, sites, and resources found in the Resources page of your membership.

Speak with Confidence (v1)

Motivational and logic-based lessons for approaching spoken French as a foreign speaker. Take your time to run through and internalise the teachings in each lesson.