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Tagging Mentors in Discord
In any channel, type @ followed by the word Mentors. Select it from the list that appears. Finally, write and send your message.

You said that a lot of people use a translation app, and I was wondering, is that recommended to do that so I can learn words or is it better to do as much as I can from the top of my head? (37:06)

  • Watch the video at the timestamp (37:06) for the full answer.

Are your conversation sessions at set times every week or varied? (42:35)

  • Pretty consistent but subject to slight changes every time.

What's the best way to type accents on a Windows English keyboard? Best configuration? (43:40)

  • Watch the video at the timestamp (43:40) for the full answer.

What do you think is the best translator? (50:53)

  • Watch the video at the timestamp (50:53) for the full discussion.

Are you YouTube videos listed on your website? How can I see them all? (54:50)

  • At the moment the best way is to go to my channel’s home page, click on the Videos tab, and order by Most Popular or Most Recent.
  • New videos get added to Discord and are released early to the CFSC.

How do conversation classes work? (58:10)

  • Announcing them, reserving a spot, how many you get, reminders, notes, replay. Full answer at the timestamp above.

Do you have a recommendation on the amount of hours to spend on French and also what to focus on apart from the class you are getting? Because probably I could also work on vocabulary and maybe some other things. What do you recommend? (1:00:35)

  • Watch the video at the timestamp (1:00:35) for the full answer.

Is there an age limit? How old is your youngest student on CFSC? (1:04:53)

  • I think the youngest person is around 30.

How are grammar and writing practice integrated into the program? Obviously it's firstly a speaking program. (1:05:45)

  • Watch the video at the timestamp (1:05:45) for the full answer.

How to get support. (1:15:51)

  • Leave a question in cfsc-feedback over in Discord.
  • If it’s personal do private message me but a lot of time answers are useful for the group.

Could there be a section in Discord on podcasts? (1:18:51)

  • Yes. I will create one!

Jim mentioned George. Who is George?. (1:21:55)

  • One of our amazing founding members.
  • Very active in Discord, always stretching himself to write and have fun sharing with others.

The thread icon against a text channel icon / What are threads? / How to create threads in a channel? (Video timestamp 41:53)

  • Threads are a way to continue a discussion in a text channel away from the main conversation.
  • Create one by hovering over a message and clicking the # icon.
  • Watch the replay from around 42:35.
  • Tutorial exists in the Discord Tutorials section.

What will the format be of the conversation classes during and after the 3 months? (47:39)

  • Conv classes won’t change format because they don’t correspond to specific parts of the course curriculum. They are every 2 weeks. and you should us them to build a routine involving speaking.
  • Discord will show different areas dedicated to the course material as access opens up.

How should I use DeepL/other translators in conjunction with Discord? (52:45)

  • Using a translator doesn’t mean copy/pasting the text into what you’re writing.
  • Use it to keep your mind thinking about French vocab and structure and then manually rewrite what you find into your message/post.
  • Heather gave tips 58:52 to 1:00:13 in the video.

How to get support? (1:06:47)

  • Primarily, create a pot in the #cfsc-feedback-channel
  • For the course modules there will be a dedicated questions channel.
  • My hours at 9am to 6pm CET. You’ll get a reply within 24 hours.

How big are the conversation class groups? What is recorded? (1:13:37)

  • Max 8 people.
  • New agenda for each class, sent 24 hours before a session.
  • Sessions have people split into groups of 2 or 3.
  • Only parts where I am present are recorded by Zoom.
  • Could potentially allow students to record too.

How to get to the class notes? (1:16:38)

  • An email is sent after your class when the notes are ready.
  • Or go to the bototm or your Dashboard and click the link Résumés des cours.

How to view the class replay? (1:21:37)

  • Click the link (now a more visible button) on the webpage containing the notes.

Discord can be overwhelming

  • There’s no rush to get used to it. Take your time. Watch the tutorials. Read as much as you like to get a feel for it.
  • Channels with new messages are highlighted in white.
  • A red badge is added when it needs more attention.