Say "au revoir" to the frustration and despair of the intermediate plateau and speak French with confidence with the best community on the Internet.

The doors to the CFSC are currently closed to new enrollments. They will reopen soon, so put your name down on the waiting list and be one of the first to know.

Enrollment is now open for Franco-PHILE level members for 60€ per month, with a 2 week free trial available.

The first step is a short, relaxed chat with me on Zoom for me to assess that the conversation classes are suited to your level. Book yours below now. I will send you a link to sign up to the community following our chat.

Franco-FAN level will cost 5€/month or 40€/year.

Franco-PHILE level will cost 30€/month or 240€/year.

Franco-FANATIQUE weekly calls will cost 12€ per call.

Upgrade or downgrade your level at any time.

I'll inform you when the doors open

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