“Be a contributor, not a consumer.”

Alex: What would you to someone watching, 1 thing that they can do right now will make a disproportionate amount of difference compared with the effort it takes to do?

George: Be active. There’s nothing wrong with communicating and throwing out ideas or interacting with people. Being passive and just consuming what’s going on within the CFSC is great because then you’re learning but really be active in the community. The community will benefit from more and more people contributing rather than consuming. So, don’t be a consumer, be a contributor [innaccurate pronunciation]. A contributor [corrected pronunciation], if I can even get the English right!

Alex: That’s actually a good sign for your French. It’s like the side effect you have to put up with.

George: Anyway, I guess that would be it. Be active and take fun in the community and contribute to the community. Don’t just consume from the community.

Alex: Yea not just for everyone else but for you. Every time you sit down to write a message, write a story, it’s for you first and foremost. For your brain to engage in the language and if you get a little interaction out of the message, that’s even better.