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Finally Understand French Sentences and Speak with Confidence

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What if you could feel totally confident in your knowledge of the pesky French pronouns in just a few weeks?

Salut I’m Alex, a French language enthusiast from the UK turned French coach in France. I spent countless hours in books, online articles, and classes trying to first understand which pronoun to use in which situation, and even more time to speak it with confidence.

It frustrated and fascinated the hell out of me!

But by being exposed to the language and thinking about its mechanics 24/7 for several years, I was finally able to boil it down to its most essential parts. The parts that enable learners to follow simple rules in English in a matter of weeks so they can build sentences confident in the knowledge they’ve chosen the correct pronouns.

This course contains my unique method, along with worksheets, quizzes, and Q&A sessions and lifetime access so you can revisit it whenever you need.

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Introducing "Object Pronouns Made Obvious"

Discover a unique self-paced course designed specifically for English speakers who are ready to stop feeling perplexed.

Is it « Je le regarde laver la voiture. » or « Je lui regarde laver la voiture.  » ? You’ll never be confused again!

Lui, leur, y, en, le, la, les, me, te and the rest of the object pronouns. Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty, and embrace the grammar that leads to fluent conversations in French!

I liked the fact that the course is organized by an English speaker who has mastered French. I feel that this gives Alex a good perspective on the learning experience..
Learning from USA

Why Choose "Object Pronouns Made Easy"?

By a Native English Speaker, for English Speakers

Say au revoir to language barriers for your brain! "Object Pronouns Made Obvious" is created by a Native English speaker who understands your struggles and provides targeted solutions for mastering the object pronouns.

Simplified Learning for Maximum Understanding

No more overwhelming grammar textbooks! Our course breaks down the object pronouns into their bare essentials, making them understandable and accessible to your English-speaking brain.

Dual Learning Formats

We know everyone learns differently. That's why we offer lessons in both video and text formats, ensuring you can engage with the content in the way that suits you best.

Transform Your French Conversations & Writing

Key Benefits of “Object Pronouns Made Easy”

Alex teaches the fundamentals of French in a way that English speakers can easily follow and remember.
Learning from France

Who Is This Course For?

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Your Transformation Awaits

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It is so obvious how much work he puts into these lessons and how much he cares that we're all getting something out of it. He never leaves anyone behind.
Learning from the U.K.

"Object Pronouns Made Obvious" Course Highlights:

Video & Text-based Lessons

4 lessons, split into several sub-topics for manageable, self-paced learning.

Value: 40€

Interactive quizzes & worksheets

Test your new skills in a variety of ways for maximum impact.

Value: 40€

and self-paced learning to fit your schedule

French is not a once-and-done discipline. LIfetime access gives you the chance to revisit the theory whenever you need. Forever.

Value: Priceless

Total value: Plus de 80€ ...

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Recordings of Live Classes

Get a set of recordings from previously held live classes on each of the lessons covered in the course!

Value: 80€


A free week in our private community!

Let our community of 100+ French learners show you that improving your grammar is just one part of the French confidence puzzle. Get a taste of the best online community for English speakers and make huge strides in your conversations following the exact method I and hundreds of students have implemented.

Value: 15,50€


Workbook for Conversational Confidence

The ultimate digital workbook for mastering French conversations with confidence.

Value: 17,99€

Total value of 192.49€. Yours today for 47€.
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We're confident in the effectiveness of our course. If, after a week, you don't feel any further progress, we'll provide a full refund.

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  • FREE Confidence Workbook (Value: 17.99€)
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  • Lifetime Course Access (Priceless)
76% OFF
I loved the entire program. The lessons were easy to complete and the worksheets were not too challenging but challenging enough. I liked the quizzes after the lesson too. All in all, I got a lot out of the four lessons and the documents provided will allow me to go back and revise in my own time.
Learning from Canada


Got questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our FAQs below or contact our support team at

Q: Is this course suitable for beginners?

A: No. “Object Pronouns Made Easy” is designed for English speakers at the intermediate level of French. If you have a foundational understanding of the language but feel like building natural sentences with pronouns is guesswork, this course is perfect for you.

Q: How do I access the course after purchasing?

A: Once you enroll, you’ll receive immediate access to the course materials. You can start learning at your own pace and revisit the content whenever you like.

Q: Are there any live components to the course?

A: The course is self-paced, meaning there are no live sessions to attend. You have the flexibility to study and practice whenever it suits you best.

However there is the bonus of the recordings of previous live classes with small groups discussing the topics in each lesson.

On top of that, if you initially focus on your free trial to the private community, you’l be able to discuss the grammar course in there.

Q: What format are the lessons presented in?

A: Lessons are provided in both video and text formats (web page and PDF format). This ensures that you can engage with the content in the way that works best for your learning style.

Q: Do I need to have a background in linguistics to understand the course?

A: Not at all! “Object Pronouns Made Easy” is designed to make the object pronouns accessible and understandable for English speakers. You don’t need any prior linguistic knowledge to benefit from the course.

Q: How long do I have access to the course materials?

A: You’ll have lifetime access to the Object Pronouns Made Obvious materials so you can revisit them as often as you like. You’ll also have 1 week free to the CFSC (private community) which you can cancel if you don’t wish to continue past the free week on a paid basis.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

A: Your satisfaction is important to us. We offer a full refund within the first week if you feel that the course hasn’t met your expectations.

Q: Can I interact with other students or get feedback on my progress?

A: While this course is self-paced and doesn’t include live components, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the course materials, quizzes, and worksheets to reinforce your learning, as well as a bonus of replays of previous live sessions.

Second, if you decide to continue as a member of the CFSC after your free trial, you will be able to discuss your work in the community.

Unleash Your Inner French Expert

Join “Object Pronouns Made Obvious” now and unlock the confidence that mastery of French sentences brings.

Enroll and transform your French.

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