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Confident French Speaker Community

Ovecome the intermediate plateau with my framework for consistent progress in study and speaking & feel the power of the community of other French learners walking the same path.

What My Students Have to Say

Alex has a completely unique approach to teaching French based on his experience as a learner and this course covers material that I have not covered in other courses - at any cost.
Spencer Campbell | Lyon, en France
Alex is a great teacher; he is very patient and encouraging, and takes the time to explain things. I highly recommend this course, it makes learning French fun and I've met a lot of nice people along the way!
Vicky Popa | Ontario, Canada
I managed to do an interview a job interview in French! Normally, I would freeze and say "oh, no, actually I don't really speak French very well". But this time I said "Yes, I speak French." They asked me some questions in French. I answered them and I got the job!
Zoë Land | Nice, en France
Alex has an amazing knack for explaining things clearly and methodically, and makes excellent use of his insight into the particular types of difficulties that anglophones are likely to have with French. I can't wait for the next course.
Julie Plumbley | Virginia, U.S.A.

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